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Up to $100,000 in NVIDIA Cloud (CSP) Credits

Save up to $100,000

We partner with various Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and this benefit is specifically for Amazon Web Services (AWS) GPU cloud compute credits. If you are already a member of AWS Activate, you can still apply for additional credits which will be evaluated on a case by case basis. If you're not currently a member of AWS Activate, our program allows you to request access for up to $100,000 of cloud compute credits.

Redemption instructions:
Click the button to be redirected. To request cloud credits via our CSP partners, please register with NVIDIA’s Inception Program for startups here ( There are no fees, equity requirements, or term limits to join Inception, and we simply request you provide us with information about your company: Website, current stage of product development, etc. Once your submission is approved, you can request cloud credits via the “benefits request tab” within your personalized Inception portal and will also be provided details on how to redeem your credits.

Special Restrictions:
Discount and quantity allotment are subject to change at any time, and the most up to date discount information can be found within your Inception portal.

Available for new and existing customers


Automatic Driver Updates: GeForce Experience provides automatic driver updates, helping to keep your GPU at peak performance.

GeForce Experience’s ShadowPlay: This feature allows users to record instant replays of their gameplay, enabling an always-on performance monitor.

CUDA Cores: CUDA cores are parallel processors in NVIDIA graphics cards that accelerate computing tasks.


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