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$10,000 in credits for 12 months

Save $10,000

Algolia is an API-First Search and Discovery platform that empowers builders to compose experiences at scale.

Redemption instructions:
Click the button to be redirected, from there click "Apply for the Program".

Special Restrictions:
Eligibility Criteria - Startup should be less than 3 years old, and should have raised less than $5M in funding

Available for new customers only

How It Works

Algolia works by providing a set of APIs and UI components that allow developers and enterprises to index their content, fine-tune their rankings, and implement search and discovery features in their applications. Algolia aims to help customers grow their satisfaction and sales by delivering fast, relevant, and engaging online experiences.


AI Recommendations API: Refine user needs and maximize order value with personalized recommendations.

Flexible plans: Start for free and grow into pay-as-you-go or annual plans with advanced features.

Professional services: Get expert guidance and support from Algolia’s team for Premium & Elevate plans.


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